Monday, December 14, 2009

Letterpress Workshop at Hamilton Wood Type Museum

This past weekend I had the pleasure to attend a workshop hosted by the Hamilton Wood Type Museum ( and led by Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN. Both Jim Sherraden and Jim Moran (HWTM Printer/Archivist) were so wonderful, friendly and warm, it made for a memorable weekend.

Sadly I didn't realize my camera battery was dying until I got to Two Rivers and so I was only able to take a few shots of the museum and workshop before it ran out. There was a photographer (another super nice Nashville soul) there all weekend taking candid shots and when she posts them for the museum I'll post a link.

We had access to some amazing type and images that had either never been touched or not touched in a very, very long time, not to mention the pieces Jim brought from his Hatch Show Print collection. Truly amazing.

The following images are some of my creations from this weekend. I felt like Saturday was the warm up and Sunday I hit my groove. Even as I was helping put type away at the end of the weekend I was blown away by collections I hadn't had time to explore. I will definitely be back to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum!