Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goodnight Ranger iPad App

Goodnight Ranger is now available as an iPad app in the iTunes store! Full screen illustrations and an audio option make this a far superior experience than the other eBook option available.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Happy Tale From Texas

A young hodag fan just sent me this fun story I thought I would share. (Full disclosure is that young Dillon is my cousin as well as a burgeoning writer.) And so as the weather turns brisk here in the great North I'm certainly appreciating the warmer sentiment of a trip down south, if not for me, for Happy at least. Enjoy!

A Scared Monster:
When Happy Meets People

By Dillon Scott

You have heard about Happy but this time he has a little different story to tell. It was April and Happy wanted a trip away from home in July, he wanted to go down to Texas where it is very hot. But he needed to take a friend so he took Buddy. So he wanted to go down to Camp Grady Spruce in Graford, Texas because he has never seen a firework show. But before he went he needed to learn to talk. For him it didn’t take long to learn English. So on July 1st they left for Texas and got there later that night.

Now Camp Grady Spruce is also a place where people go explore the woods. The next day they just rested after their trip, but that night Happy wanted to go explore the woods. While Happy was out, Buddy went to the lake and started swimming, then these 2 boys and one girl found him and since he is a bulldog they think he is there by himself. So then they took Buddy to their cabin. When Happy got back to his and Buddy’s camp out place Buddy wasn’t there so Happy started to look for him. At the same time Beth the girl that found Buddy took him on a walk alone. Then she ran into Happy and she got scared but Buddy ran to Happy because he knew him. So then she walked to Happy and he started talking and said hi to Beth. So after they started talking Beth knew why Buddy and Happy were there. She let Buddy go and then the both of them went to their camp out spot.

The next day July 3rd they just watched them set up for the show all day long. Now the fun started the next day, Happy and Buddy went swimming, then when the lake got full by the shore Happy and Buddy went on the boat. When they came back the sun was going down. So to watch the sunset they sat by the lake. Right after that the firework show started. The first fire work went off and Happy got scared. It was the noise that scared him. So what Buddy did was is he took Happy to their camp out spot. Buddy told him why that noise was so loud and they went back to the beach. On their way they saw Beth and she was with her family. Her family got scared until she told them who they were. They all walked to the beach together and watched the firework show. After the show they all went to Beth’s cabin. While they were there they talked about their trip. Then they went outside and played tag. The next day they headed back. The next day all they did was talk about their entire trip. So that’s the story of when Happy went to Texas.

The End

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy & Buddy Pillow Patterns

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