Monday, April 30, 2012

Florida, Who Knew?

My husband and I just got home from Florida. We had a destination wedding to attend and we went out early to spend a few days exploring the nature coast. It's hard to believe this was our view just last night on Anna Maria island.
I'm not the type that likes to hang out on beaches all day and so foolishly I never think I'll enjoy myself in hot destinations like Florida. Obviously that's crazy, there is so much more than just beaches and ocean views, although I spent my fair share of time swimming in and gazing at the ocean. This photo is of Manatee Springs where you can swim in this amazing fresh water. The blue in the water reminded me of glacier pools in Glacier National Park and an artist was there painting the most amazing piece. We missed the Manatee season by about four weeks but lucked out and saw one.
We made a lot of new friends while traveling around. Human, feline and lizard.
I have so many photos of this trip to sort through, so many patterns and pieces of inspiration to categorize and make plans for. I know you don't think of a caterpillar when you think of Florida but just look at the pattern and texture on this one!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Patterns Of My Past

When my brother was a baby he was always sick. My parents quickly learned that he was allergic to almost everything from food to air quality and animals. My brother was so sick it was decided the only solution was to build a new house, a modular, pre-fab house in a piece of farm field my grandparents gave them. My brother went to town to live with my grandmother until the house was finished and it all went pretty quickly. Because of the timeframe, the early 70's, my parent's house as it originally came together became a very specific snapshot in time. Amongst other tell-tale signs of the times was this wallpaper from my brothers baby room. Our bathroom had red, white, and blue stripes and a bright red sink and our couch was also red, white and blue striped. It's interesting to me as I learn more about licensing and following trends how that now makes sense, the 1976 bicentennial approaching, for one example. Just as they say British patriotism is the highest it's been in years right now because of the Queen's Jubilee, last year's wedding, and a possible new baby anytime now has pushed British iconography into the marketplace in droves, even over here.
This last swatch is actually somewhat unrelated, the fabric of a jacket my sister and I wore when we were toddlers. I of course always got the hand-me-downs and for some reason I love this pattern. I just don't think I've seen anything like it in recent years.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Record Store Day

In honor of Record Store Day, one of my favorite album covers ever: