Sunday, August 31, 2014

Moving Water

What better way to take a break in hot and humid weather?

Playing in waterfalls, of course.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mushrooms and Minerals

This was the first weekend in 8 weeks that I did not spend near a body of water, and it was a hot one here in the Twin Cities.

It was okay though as I was holed up in my super chilled studio powering through some new writing and spreads for my book Eleven Odd Mushrooms.

August mushroom, on the move.

I've had some amazing input on the book this Summer from some pretty fabulous people, a mushroom expert included. The feedback really pulled EOM together and I'm super excited.

I also managed to prep a few more mineral photographs and order more fabric on This time I'm going with Organic Cotton Sateen and am thinking I'll sew something wearable. A crystal dress? Yes!

Here are five more shots of the same piece of fluorite I posted about last week. Honestly, it's the rock that just keeps on giving.

I shouldn't have to, but sadly I must remind everyone that all the images I post on this blog belong 100% to moi, unless otherwise credited. If you repost an image please just remember to credit where it came from however reproducing any one of my images, especially for your own financial gain, is prohibited without explicit written permission from me.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fluorite Fabric

Being married to a geologist means managing a rather large collection of minerals, I believe I've mentioned it before. I also believe I've mentioned how much I love, where you can print your own fabric.

Well, welcome to the love child of a large chunk of stunning fluorite + the magic of

Fluorite Matrix A (the fabric below) is a detailed photograph of a large piece of fluorite I had printed on Heavy Cotton Twill.

Fluorite Matrix B (the fabric below) is another detailed photograph of the same large piece of fluorite I had printed on Heavy Cotton Twill.

These have been sized to be printed in 1 yard segments, they can be printed in smaller pieces and still look great but they won't repeat well above a yard.

I had a yard of each printed and then used them to sew covers for some foam block samples I had laying around. We use them as foot stools and extra seating, they are a perfect compliment to the many minerals on display in the room where they reside.

You can buy the fabric here.

I have loads of mineral photography I'm sorting through and working with right now trying to decide what get's printed next and what I'll make with it. Stay tuned, a thumbnail sneak peek is coming soon.

Happy Camper

I spy the cutest baby ever in one of my Happy Camper onesies!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hodags, Hodags, Hodags. I'm always talking about Hodags.

What a weekend! I had gorgeous weather at the fair and had the pleasure of running into old friends and fans all day long.

A big thanks to the Pioneer Park Historical Complex for hosting Happy the Hodag appearances during the day, it was a ton of fun for everyone!

My 20th highschool reunion was also this weekend and while I didn't think I would have time to go, my husband and I managed to squeeze in a few hours Saturday night after the fair.

You know how most people diet and primp and look absolutely fabulous for their reunions? Well, because I didn't think I'd be able to go I failed to pack anything remotely presentable and I fear I may have ended up looking a little disheveled and probably homeless... which didn't matter one bit because we all had SO MUCH FUN!