Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tourmalinated Quartz & Glass

A weekend filled with rearranging shelves, artwork and rocks. Digging out and shooting piles of things that I've meant to throw up on eBay for awhile... a busy and somewhat fulfilling couple of days.

I have this little box filled with these little glass gems that I was going to put up for sale with some inexpensive quartz cuts we have but I don't know, these might come in handy for a blingy design project...

Check out these tourmalinated quartz cuts, so dramatic. Ugh. Now I don't want to get rid of anything.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Watercolor Fabric: Berry Bash & Mandarin Mash!

It occurred to me today, perhaps because it feels like January with all of this snow and these delightfully frigid temperatures, that I should start working on my New Year's resolutions.

High on that list, doing more watercolor painting, I do so love its potential.

(obviously I shot these a couple of weeks ago)

I took a couple of watercolor texture painting outtakes from my Eleven Odd Mushrooms project and loaded them up to Spoonflower and am very happy with the results.

Berry Bash Fabric
Mandarin Mash Fabric

I cut up one yard and made tea towels for gifts and now sort of want to just make the other yard into a hanging for my hallway... and maybe do some funky stuff to it with a needle and thread... we shall see as it would look pretty awesome as a blanket or a couple of pillows too. Until then, more tea towels!

Are we good friends? SPOILER: You might be getting some of these...

Hop on over to Spoonflower:

Berry Bash Fabric

Mandarin Mash Fabric

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Skulldag Fabric Tea Towels

Two things:

1. My Hodag Skull Fabric is now available on Spoonflower!

Hodag Skulls - Minty Blue Knockout

Hodag Skulls - Minty Blue

2. One yard makes 4 fabulous tea towels!
(An easy and inexpensive handmade Christmas present idea!)

Here is a little run down on how I made 4 tea towels from one yard of fabric ($27) for a wee under $7 each.

1.Buy your Skulldag fabric:

A. Select Linen Cotton Canvas as your fabric.

B. Select your size, I printed one yard each of 2 different designs
(this & that)

2. Trim the white border off of your yard of fabric.

3. Fold the yard in half evenly and cut along the fold crease.

4. Fold each of the two resulting pieces evenly and cut along the fold creases.

For each of the four resulting pieces:

5. Fold over and iron down a .25" on all sides.

5b. At this point you should mitre the edges, I didn't and the bulk on the corners is annoying, see how here!

6. Fold over once more and iron down another .25" on all sides and pin if you need to.

7. Sew your edges.

8. So easy! Did I even need to post all of these pictures?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Back in a Flash

This is what chaos looks like, in my world.

A pile of plush in the corner for inspection (each plush toy I sell has been inspected by hand not to mention the vigorous and pricey material testing they went through while they were being made), some website redo wire framing for the 'as I have time' overhaul my site is going through right now (mobile friendly honed content is around the corner), snippets of inspiration, a little sneak peak on the work table of an up coming post on Sunday and oh, a mile high pile of freelance graphic design over there on the desk.

I don't typically take on that much freelance, a small project here and there but I have to pay off all those wonderful plushies I just got in and so I'm working triple time.

So if you've been wondering where I've been, you're looking at it!