Sunday, December 28, 2014

Home for Christmas

It had been weeks since we saw the sun when it finally broke through the clouds.

My husband and I were sitting with our good friends in their well appointed hand-built log home, chatting and gazing out their huge picture window overlooking dense Winter foliage. The electricity had gone out but the massive stone fireplace was crackling with cozy heat and soft light as the long awaited sun suddenly split the sky open and illuminated the millions of brilliant snow crystals floating through the snow enrobed forest. Pure magic.

I have a very good feeling about 2015.

Here are scenes from 2014's finale:

The fields of my youth.

I spent many Summer evenings bicycling down this country road when I was growing up.

My great grandparents farm.

Excuse me for waxing dramatic, but it really was. Happy Holidays all!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Few (or More) of My Favorite Things

As I wrapped Christmas presents and continued working through my Studio JKD to-do list this weekend I found myself pausing to enjoy a few of my favorite things.

My new favorite thermos from Ikea (it has my brand colors!) filled with my year round favorite peppermint green tea. Pausing in the dining room to enjoy the festive bouquet of eucalyptus I gathered in lieu of a Christmas tree this year. A frasier fir candle burning away on the stove while I enjoyed *gasp* cleaning the kitchen thanks to Mrs. Meyers totally yummy Iowa Pine kitchen products.

And so here are a few of my favorite things that I'm currently enjoying mingled with a few things I'm hoping to enjoy in 2015.

Pay attention Santa.

Ikea KULLAR Steel vacuum flask, light blue, $7.99 : Iowa Pine Dish Soap, $3.99 : THYMES Frasier Fir Pine Needle Candle, $28.00 : Inge-Glas Antique Owl Christmas Ornament from, $17.00 : Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea : Spanish Small Pyrite Cube Mineral Specimen, $79.95 : Eucalyptus! I bought a huge bouquet at a garden shop in my neighborhood but WreathsForDoors has a nice selection on Etsy starting at $12.99 : Exotic Faux Fur Blanket from Restoration Hardware, $299 - $199

Monday, December 15, 2014

Star Gazing Bird & Buck Onesies/Tees

This weekend I accomplished my brand map, no easy feat in this digital age and long overdue. It's both my roadmap and my rearview mirror as I move into 2015 and it helped me move a couple of things off of my long overdue to do list.

1. Happy the Hodag and Buddy the Bulldog Plush up on eBay. Done.

2. Books and silkscreen projects up on Etsy. Done. Sort of. I have some letterpress things that still need to go up but I'm still going to feel good about this one!

My star gazing bird and buck (from Goodnight Ranger) are up on Etsy in limited quantities, special orders welcome. SHOP NOW!

I think the sun dappled green in these shots speak to the level of my procrastination. Oh Summer, you distract me so.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pin This

I'm not sure if I mentioned in a previous post that I only recently cleaned out my old room at my parents house? It was filled with the typical high school left overs compounded with post collage storage (I went to art school so this includes mounds of art and art making materials.) I then went ahead and self published a couple of books before I actually owned any sort of long term storage space and so the room was topped off with tons of STUFF from book signings, hosting booths at fairs and festivals, parades and other marketing endeavors. And it all landed in my cabin basement in a giant heap along side (and on top of) other giant heaps of random things to be sorted out during the Winter.

And sorted it finally was.

I have so many little collections of things I'd forgotten about until I was reaquainted with them over the weekend in my basement organizing endeavor. Boxes, bags and envelopes filled with cataloged inspiration I've collected over the years for making physical mood/inspiration boards for art and mostly design projects.

One such collection turned project involves vintage postcards. In college I amassed a huge collection of postcards that I eventually chopped up and made into postcard sized collages as part of my senior project. A friend of mine was starting an adventure travel company and I used these collages on posters, t-shirts and to craft his entire identity system... the logo was an awesome stamp I created... I wonder where that is?

Here is what I did find over the weekend. Circa 1998.

The fronts are collages while the backs are originals. The variety of vintage postcard backs were and are fascinating and beautiful, I liked that each back was unique from the other and so kept them as they were, an adventure in styles.

These are t-shirt designs. They've been sitting in a box for sixteen years, I imagine I was saving them as portfolio pieces. Now they are washed and folded in my drawer and the vintage wooden skis I used to hang them at my senior show have been transformed into coat racks and are now hanging in the cabin entryway.