Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy the Hodag Fabric

It's a big weekend for my character Happy the Hodag, he now has his own Facebook page at, I'm going to try to keep it fun so head over and like his page if you want to keep it real... happy! Sorry, couldn't resist.

In other Happy news I've finally released a few more Happy the Hodag fabric designs. There will be many more to come but here is his official pattern debut:

Happy the Hodag Fabric : Faces Medium, Faces Small and Sillouettes

Happy the Hodag Fabric : Detail

Happy the Hodag Faces Fabric : Medium

Happy the Hodag Faces Fabric : Small

Happy the Hodag Faces Fabric : Faces Detail

Happy the Hodag Faces Fabric : Bag Project

Happy the Hodag Fabric : Silhouette

Happy the Hodag Fabric : Silhouette Detail

Happy the Hodag Silhouette Fabric : Bag Project

Happy the Hodag Silhouette Fabric : Bag Project

I think it would be pretty awesome if all of the artists out there who have done an original drawing of a #hodag were to create at least one fabric design on Spoonflower. (I am not being paid by Spoonflower, btw, I just think they are an awesome company with an awesome and affordable service.)

This is ultimately a selfish request because I want to make (with my Mother's help) a giant #hodag quilt with as many #hodag variations as possible. How awesome would that be? Pretty darn awesome.

I started creating fabric with them way back in 2010 and it was obviously slow going. There is a learning curve and my early samples were way off from my vision. It takes practice and a little trial and error but most of all patience because once you upload and order your design it takes at least a week to get it and then you have to find the time to do something with it!

These are a couple of swatches from my latest batch (created way back in November) that aren't making the cut this time because the color is just too light and it's hard to see Buddy the Bulldog. I will revise, reupload, reorder and wait...

Remember, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Now I'm off to work on some freelance graphic design projects so I can pay the bills on these little R&D adventures :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A New Year

Well hello and Happy New Year! I went off the grid there for a couple of weeks quite unintentionally but man it felt good to unplug for awhile.

I would love to tell you all the fabulous things I've been doing but it's more along the lines of washing my kitchen ceiling, changing out the hardware on my cabinets and baking cookies. Yep, livin la vida loca. I've been posting a little randomness over on Facebook so you can always check in on me over there if you think I really fell off the edge:

While I've been bonding with my kitchen I've done a lot of thinking about my goals for 2015 and they are fairly simple:
Focus, refine and explore.

Happy the Hodag turns 10 years old in 2016 and so I need to buckle down and do something special for his birthday and the planning needs to start now. A new book? Maybe, I have one in the works. A party? That would be fun! Presents for the fans? For sure. The possiblities are exciting and I want to have fun with it because Happy is a super fun little guy. UPDATE: Happy now has a Facebook page! Let the focusing begin! Also, Eleven Odd Mushrooms is ready to go and I need to focus on how I want to produce it and when I want to release it.

I'm going to continue to refine (and define) what Studio JKD is, I think I've made significant headway in 2014 in that regard and am excited for 2015.

Keep exploring and learning new things! I've already signed up for an art class so I can focus on refining a certain skill while exploring new styles. You see how I did that?

I'm also brushing up on my French, and by brushing up I mean from the ground up, so that I can take another trip sooner rather than later. Nothing makes me appreciate the little things, or the big things for that matter, more than getting completely out of my comfort zone in a new country. Teva has a great little slogan I love: Live Better Stories.