Sunday, March 22, 2015

Minky Happy the Hodag Fabric!

Yeah! Yummy minky fabric is the softest and fluffiest.

Happy and Buddy in the Trees on a field of blue:

Happy and Buddy in the Trees with blue sky pop:

Happy the Hodag face silhouette pattern in greens:

Happy and Buddy Peek-a-boo confetti party:

Happy and Buddy play Peek-a-boo:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Skulldag Fabric in Hodag Green

More skulldag fabric!

I'm a little slow on the posts these days. I'm drawing and painting a lot for a class I'm taking and frankly the deep cold and lack of good natural light has made shooting fabric and projects difficult. It's strange to look at some of the snaps below from a couple of weeks ago because those snow banks are long gone now. Thankfully we've finally turned the corner into Spring and there is gorgeous light streaming through the windows once again!

I have two new skulldag patterns up on Spoonflower in true-to-hodag greens. I printed two yards on Cotton Linen again and this time I made a few bags instead of tea towels. No patterns, no process shots, I just winged it which is how I usually sew projects much to my mothers chagrin.

Solid Green with White Skulls:

Solid White with Green Skulls:

A tote, a purse and and a wine tote, oh-my!