Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Hodag Holidays!

Whoa! Take a weekend off and it cascades into a month!

Between traveling around for family events in Door County and Milwaukee and working on the new Happy book (um, did you know Happy the Hodag turns ten years old this year?! It's his b-day present ;) I was also making little people blankets from Happy the Hodag fabric scraps for a charity auction (or more like standing around while my mother made blankets...) and doing a book signing / Happy the Hodag photo booth extravaganza, I've been a little too busy to blog!

Head over to Happy's FB page to see the pics from last weekends event:

If you liked the blankets at the auction you can order the fabric over on Spoonflower (instructions below.) Spoonflower is launching a one-day free shipping event on Monday and so I'll likely buy a few yards so that I can whip up a few more blankets, send me an email if you're interested!

Each Happy Gift Basket for the Auction Gala included a book set, a plush set, a bag and a handmade little person blanket.

One blanket was a patchwork of fabrics and the other was a full yard. My mom and I backed both blankets with a flannel but it was a total pain and so I'll likely be backing the new blankets with a satin or sateen cotton for ease of construction.

From what I've heard it sounds like the most interest was in the blanket with the lighter print:

It is very easy to order!:
1. Select Minky as your fabric
2. Select how much you want (the solid blanket I made used 1 yard)
3. Here is a direct link to this fabric print on Spoonflower:

The other fabrics used in the blankets were these:

Happy Hodag Holidays!