Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting Happy

I have a -12 degree reason to go nowhere today, just like yesterday. But that's okay because I'm getting a lot done in the studio, it's why we're so damn productive up here in the North.

I finished up my web redesign of Studio JKD and Happy the Hodag this weekend, having that checked off of my list is a pretty big deal for me. As an Art Director, the fact that my web properties were in a certain state or rather a lack thereof, was not reflecting on me very well professionally. SO exciting to have that taken care of!

But not as exciting as the new collaboration I'm currently working on, soon to be revealed, but super top secret right now. Seriously, my brain might explode with excitement, it's such a relevant thing to do and I'm kicking myself for not initiating it sooner, like 10 years ago! Stay tuned on Happy's FB page:

Alrighty then, back to it, my lists aren't getting any shorter!

Stay warm out there!